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Funded January 26, 2021

The closest well to Dawuni Yili, Ghana is about 6 miles away. Therefore, villagers usually walk just under 2 miles to a local pond for water. However, that water is shared by animals and is very dirty. Some villagers suspect witchcraft when someone gets sick from drinking the dirty water. It will take $3,000 to drill a well capable of supporting the village of just over 900 people.

The pandemic forced the cancelation of the annual holiday party by John & Diane Ellis in 2020.  John & Diane asked for people to contribute to provide clean water to those in need.  And providing clean water Dawuni Yili, Ghana is one of three projects funded by your generosity! The other two: Kiterede (Kitaihuka Clinic), Uganda and an unspecified location in India. 

Thank you so much for your generosity and well wishes!  Stay tuned as we provide more info as the project gets underway and is eventually completed.

Drilled February 23, 2021

This well project is successfully completed! The official dedication of the well is scheduled later. (Below are completion photos, but the people are not gathered yet for photos.)

The people were filled with great joy to have a deep well in their village! They are just at a point in the year when many of the families relocate temporarily just for lack of water at their homes. And it was just in time that the well has come. Now they have hope that they will no longer have to relocate each year due to lack of water. The joy was indeed great!

Dawuni Yili is a rural village in the Northern Region of Ghana. The people of this village are from the Gonja-Dagoma people called the “Kpareba” and also a group of Fulani settlers, another people. Our partners have been working here in this village since 2018. The population is 920 and now 6 families (38 people) who are believers.

The people were in desperate need for clean water here. The village had no well and the people from this village had to walk almost 3 km to draw water several times a day from an open water pond. Mostly women did the water carrying and suffered with much physical pain as they also have to work in their fields and cook. School kids missed school, fetching water all day instead. Girls are mostly affected. The closest well is approximately 9 km away. The deep well will benefit the entire community, open to all the people regardless of faith. The ministry team works to teach about clean water (some believe it is witchcraft that makes them sick when they drink the dirty water). We pray the Lord opens the door wide open for all here to know Jesus, who is Living Water! Thank you!

They paid a sign writer who delayed the work and in the end failed to do it, so one of their team hand-painted a sign
… we are looking to remedy this. 

This project was made possible through generous donations in lieu of the 2020 John & Diane Ellis Holiday Party