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FUNDED January 26, 2021 

Kitaihuka Clinic in Kiterede, Uganda is almost complete, and it has already become operational. They are now handling more than 50 patients a day and delivering 25 babies every week.  They plan to handle almost 3,000 patients a year, and this clinic is critical as the pandemic is expected to last longer in third world countries.  But they do not have a sufficient source of clean water!

Update April 29, 2021 – project had to be replaced

Kiterede (Kitaihuha Medical Clinic) project is no longer viable, and is being replaced by the Kiryabutuzi Maternity Center. CEED was unable to reach water at a drillable depth at Kitaihuka Clinic.  CEED offered to drill offsite in an area nearby where they thought they could reach water.  Kitaihuka Clinic (not owned by CEED) did not want to deal with the implications of distributing water from an offsite location and are now exploring other options.

CEED is diverting our funds for Kiterede to Kiryabutuzi Maternity Center, where they expect a June 2021 completion. This maternity center, located near Bulindi in the Hoima district, needs clean water to safely deliver babies. The Center serves at least 45 birthing mothers per month. The nearest water source is a swamp, which is 2 km (or a little over 1 mile) away. Their clean water, which is farther away, comes from a shallow well that is shared with the students/boarders at the local primary school along with almost 1,000 people in the nearby village. 

While sometimes things don’t go as originally planned in the business of bringing the gift of clean water, we want to be transparent in our efforts to do so.

Update May 7, 2021

The well at the Kiryabutuzi Maternity Center near Hoima has been drilled.  The team found “good” water, which is plentiful.  Currently, the center is using a temporary pump to develop the well, i.e., this pump clears the water and opens the fissures.  This should take about a week to clear.  In the meantime, though, the maternity center is receiving and using the water.  After a week, the permanent pump will be installed, and the cement slab will be poured.  The slab will have to be left completely alone until the cement is cured, which should take about 2 weeks.  After that, there will be a commissioning ceremony for the well.

CompleteD May 31, 2021

The well is now complete and fully functioning. Attached pictures show the cement poured and setting up as well as the plaque that has been installed.

This project was made possible through generous donations in lieu of the 2020 John & Diane Ellis Holiday Party