2021 Projects

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Annual Report

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projects funded

people provided access to clean water

Project 001

Well in Kiryabutuzi Maternity Center, Uganda

Project 002

Well in Dawuni Yili, Ghana

Project 003

Well in India

Project 004

Well in Subuku, Kenya

Project 005

Well in Nakware, South Sudan

Project 006

Well in San Roque, Peru

Project 007

Well in India

Project 008

Well in India

Project 009

Well in Saboti Village, Kenya

Project 010

Well in Dodola Region, Ethiopia

Project 011

Well in Amalemba, Kenya

Project 012

Well in Bongo Village, South Sudan

Project 013

Well in Kalimbuka, Malawi

Project 014

Well in India

Project 015

Well in Kantege Village, Uganda

Project 016

Well in Kimpese Village, DR Congo

Project 017B

Well in Kajawo, Malawi

Project 017c

Well in Machemba, Malawi

Project 018

Well in India

Project 019

Well in India

Project 020

Well in India

Project 021

Well in Napeicheke Village, South Sudan

Project 022

Well in Mpango, Malawi

Project 023

Well in Kitemba Village, Uganda

Project 024

Well in Kayamayania Village, Uganda

Project 025

Well in Kihaimi-majero, Uganda

Project 026

Well in La Angostura, Honduras

Project 027

Well in Cosmapa, Nicaragua

Project 028

Well in Mpikwa, Zambia

Project 030

Well in Pakistan

Project 029

Well in India

Project 031

Well in Pakistan

Project 032

Well in India

Project 033

Well in La Flor, Nicaragua

Project 034

Well in Chiyuni Baptist, Zambia

Project 035

Well in Subuku (Phase 2), Kenya

Project 036

Well in Garr-Bain, Liberia


Well in Mchilamwela, Malawi


Well in Mankhala Village, Malawi

Project 039

Well in India


Well in Kadzuwa Village, Malawi


Well in India


Well in India

Project 043

Well in India

Project 044

Well in Santa Eulalia, Nicaragua

Project 045

Well in La Flor, Los Coyotes, Nicaragua

Project 046

Well in Wedse, Burkina Faso

Project 047

Well in San Judas Tadeo, Peru

Project 048

Water Filters in La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras

Project 049

Well in Anita, Dominican Republic

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