Funded October 20, 2020

This is the third well project that we are doing here & the need for clean water is great. We have had excellent success with this ministry partner over our years of partnership with her. Kayonza School is a Christian school. Cindy Murphy, has done excellent work with two other schools located in Kenya and this will be the 2nd of 2 schools in Rwanda. (The first in Bugesera.) A Christian educator, she had seen the incredibly desperate situations of the children in the poorest slums of Nairobi and began a first Christian school, then a second in Kenya, and then a third in Rwanda and now this school Kayonza.

Completed September 9, 2022

The Nyamirama Village, Rwanda well project is finally complete! The scope of the project changed over time from a hand-pump well which you made possible, but because of various issues and delays by God’s wonderful grace everything really has worked out to the greater good and benefit for the community. 

This well project had several delays. First, the original driller became a problem and the well project was delayed needing to hire and schedule a different driller. Drilling was delayed, drilling was a challenge, drill bits were lost. The site changed. Covid caused much delay. Finally, the well was successfully drilled at the end of September 2021. Cindi agreed to raise the funds for an electric pump. Then, another delay for the drillers to return to complete the pump installation. They originally said 6-8 weeks wait time, but that was stretched to several months waiting on certain parts. Now, the pump is successfully installed. And, a kiosk structure has been built for the community to collect water. Heaven’s Family was blessed with funds to fund the water delivery kiosk. 

Thank you so much for your patience while this project moved forward, albeit at a slow pace. Now, it is done and what a major blessing for the community and school! Clean water has been a dream for these humble people, and you have helped to make it a reality! …a real team effort!

Here are some photos of the water kiosk constructed in Nyamirama, Rwanda.  The tank is on the ground in the photos. The construction crew will elevate the tank once the cement is dry. Water is flowing and will be 100% capacity once the tank is up. The school and the people have clean water!

A dedication ceremony is scheduled to happen in July. There will be a great outreach on that day. May the Lord be glorified!

Thank you!

The well is officially open and is serving the school and the community!  Previously, the people had to go far for dirty water or drink any water they could find, even from puddles and swamp water.
For the official opening there was a Bible study right before with the theme, “Jesus is our Living Water” and 230 Bibles were given out. There was dancing, singing, praising the Lord.  People were lined up with their containers.  The local government officials were there, too.  Below are some photos and a few testimonies.

This is Valentine collecting water at the kiosk.
She used to walk an hour to get dirty water. 

Here are a group of the precious school kids drinking clean water, and they have clean water at home now, too!

Testimony: Hello, My Name is Jean Baptiste Mbarushimana. I am 52 years and am married with 8 kids.  I live near Cindi’s Hope Nyamirama school, where I have attended the Bible Study for Men for the past year.  I thank God for the good gifts…we have many blessings including Bibles, food, and clean water.  Today especially, I want to highly thank God for the clean water He gave us near our homesteads.  Previously, we used to walk 5km, looking for water that was not even clean.  This is the water my children used to drink, and they were always sick, mainly suffering from worms as a result of the dirty water from the swamp where we used to fetch it.  Today, we are counting blessings over blessings that God is bringing to our area!  This water is clean, it tastes sweet, and you can drink it without being boiled.  We truly believe that this water is going to improve our hygiene and health very much. Thank you!

Jean Baptiste Mbarushimana

Testimony: This is Vivian Nyirabagenzi.  She lives with her three grandchildren.  She is extremely happy to have clean water and the kiosk so nearby!  In her words she says, “We used to fetch from very far and now we thank God who has blessed us with clean water in our neighborhood! We are happy that we can now wash our clothes with clean water even white clothes…before we would fetch water from the swamp.  We can now get clean water to use in our domestic work, like cooking and drinking. 

May the Good God bless those people who contributed for this water source.  Thank you!”

Vivian Nyirabagenzi

This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.