Project 2020-024

Well Project in St. Michael’s High School, Kakumiro District, Uganda

PartnerHeaven’s Family

Funded October 27, 2020

This well will serve St. Michael High School (about 480 students); St. Augustine Nursery & Primary School (about 500 pupils); and 80 community households. More people from the surrounding area whose children go to these schools will also have access.

Currently their only existing water sources are a nearby, polluted water pond, which is 800 meters (half mile) away from the village. Though it is (relatively) close, it is the source of many cases of illness like Cholera, which has to be treated at the clinic, costing about $30 per person. This is 1 month’s average wage. Untreated, it can be fatal.

Herbert Asiimwe is in charge of the project and he adheres to very strict accounting procedures. His work is directly overseen by CEED’s Board of Directors and Jill does the monthly accounting and reporting here in the USA. CEED has developed close to 500 clean water sources, serving over 700,000 people.

The villagers have signed a contract specifying that they are collecting from the families of the villages a small (pennies per month) fee to save for future repairs.

We expect a complete disappearance of Typhoid, Cholera, and river blindness. Another expected outcome is improved school attendance and a large decrease in violence against the young girls collecting the water. The water is available for everyone who pays the monthly fee. We insist on it.

Completed december 2020

St. Michael’s school in Kakindo, Uganda, is now enjoying clean water, as the pictures included with this form show. Because of weather and terrain, there was a slight delay in actual drilling; however, the water well/borehole has been drilled to a depth of 120 feet.  Serving approximately 800 students and staff as well as local villagers, it is providing a safer, healthier educational environment as well as sustaining and enhancing the living conditions of those in proximity to this well.  The photographs provided are of the grateful and happy students and staff.  As well, you can see the ILW plaque near the well.

This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.