Taali, Pakistan

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Taali is a rural village in Sindh Province, Pakistan. The people are the Marwari tribe and the village is constructed of mud and sticks with no electricity. There is no sewage system, no out houses, people go into the bushes as their bathroom. There is no school or medical clinic in the village. The people are very poor and working as farmers/ generational slaves. There are now 15 families who are Christians meeting in house churches in the past two years when our ministry partners on the ground began ministering there. Taali is desert village so they store water when they have rain. It’s very dirty, contaminated water and when they don’t have any rainwater of their own they walk 8km roundtrip to the landlord of the farmland who lives away from the village. It takes hours to fetch water and sometime the women get attacked on the trek for water as they are targets on the road. The people suffer from many stomach illnesses and skin issues.