Baga Yili, ghana

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Baga Yili is a rural village in Ghana. The people of this village are also a group of Gonja-Dagoma people called the “Kpareba” and they live with the Fulani settlers. Our partners have been working here since 2018. There are 670 in the village and now 5 families (25 people) who are believers. The village has no well and the people from this village walk almost 3 km to draw water several times a day from an open water pond. Mostly women are affected and suffer with much physical pain as they also have to work in their fields and cook. School kids don’t have enough time to rest or study because they have to fetch water before and after school. Girls are mostly affected. The closest well is approximately 11 km away. The deep well we will drill will be for the common good, open to all the people regardless of faith. Death by waterrelated illness occurs, stomach conditions and worms are very common. The ministry team works to teach about clean water (some believe it is witchcraft that makes them sick when they drink the dirty water).