Nyamirama, Rwanda



people impacted

dollars funded

There is a huge need for a school here and for clean water. The location is at Nyamirama and the community is very poor. Cindi Murphy, our ministry partner has identified this area as highly suitable for a school and community outreach has been going on for quite some time. The school at Kayonza district will be a God-send to the community. Now, the school will be ready to open in January. They need clean water!

There are 3 public taps in the relative school area, but nothing close by and the water is very unsafe to drink. They are unfiltered contaminated water sources. Also, it is quite a distance to even reach them. Two of them are 1 km from the school and then the next closest is 2 km from the school. Many people who live in the school area use hand-dug well water due to factors such as it’s closer to them and at least one of the taps is not free, but costly to take the water. The hand-dug well water is also not treated, unfiltered and contaminated. Also, the water from the public taps is unreliable, it is not always available so the people sometimes go without any water.

Diseases experienced include: cholera, skin diseases, worms and kwashiorkor that is caused by worms and other parasites in the water and dirtiness. (Kwashiorkor is also caused by malnutrition, lack of protein…but here it is common also because of the contaminated water.)