Kabasera, Uganda

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Collection & Filtration

Water tank and pavillion

In 2018, Ingomar Living Waters drilled a deep well at Kabasera Birthing Clinic.  In early 2020, Ingomar Living Waters funded another deep well at this new Kabasera Medical Clinic, which is about a mile away from the birthing clinic.  However, the new medical clinic is being constructed on a rocky hilltop and in October 2020, after delays from weather and the COVID pandemic, the drillers tried and failed to penetrate layers of rock and gave up.  So this newly-funded project is for water collectors on the roof of the medical clinic and on a to-be-constructed pavilion as well as tanks and a filtration system to provide clean water to the clinic.

We are nearing completion of this project, but there is still a concern with possible wind damage to the roof.  CEED is monitoring this situation. As well, CEED was advised that other water districts are watching this project to gauge its success.

As we recently learned, the two tanks for this clinic are full with the rainy season just beginning.  The pictures I have included show one tank, the pavilion, and an underground tank into which water is flowing.