Project 2020-018

Well Project in Muyenga, UGANDA


Funded September 2020

Muyenga village is located in the Kakindo/Kakumiro Province in Uganda. The villagers currently use open ponds and swamps for their water. The only water that is available is dark and and muddy. This water is filled with water-borne bacteria. In the village parasites, river blindness and Typhoid are rampant. Untreated, it is usually fatal.

Young girls are especially vulnerable to violence when getting water. If they are able to make the journey safely, they have missed much of the morning school time.

Completed September 2020

This well, drilled in September 2020, serves at least 810 people in the village of Muyenga, sub-county of Kakindo, district of Kakumio, Uganda.  (Once surrounding villages learn of the well, they will frequent it, also).  The well was drilled to a depth of 110 feet with a flow of 1,000 – 2,000 liters per hour.  The pictures included with this response show the successful outcome of the drilled well, with villagers not only pumping clean water but also expressing their joy at finally having access to a safer, healthier water source.

The villagers have signed a contract specifying that they are collecting from the families of the villages a small (pennies per month) fee to save for future repairs.

We expect a complete disappearance of Typhoid, Cholera, and river blindness. Another expected outcome is improved school attendance and a large decrease in violence against the young girls collecting the water. The water is available for everyone who pays the monthly fee. We insist on it.

This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.