Project 2020-015

Well Project in Punri, India

Country India
Village Pruni
Type Well
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $1,650

Funded August 2020

Punri village is located in Kurukshetra region in North India. It is a rural village where people mostly work in cultivation fields. There is a primary level government school here, but no hospitals or any other educational institutions in this village. People in this village mostly belong to the lower caste. This village has a bore well, but the water has dried up over time. Last year people were able to get some water in the mornings, but then there would be no more. Now it is completely dry. The poor villagers have no other water resource in this village so they travel to other villages (about 2 km) to collect water. They are really suffering with lack of water. Common water related diseases are cholera and dengue fever.

Pruni Well Location


This well brings clean, consistent water to this village. This well will save lives! They will have safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and all household needs.  Now that they have their own water there is no need to leave their village, thus lessening the potential spread of COVID-19. 

Now, we have completely a deep well. Praise God. The villagers now have abundant flowing clean water to drink and for their household use. They can grow their gardens and water animals. They are so happy that they now have clean water available anytime to them in their own village. The villagers said during the inauguration day that even the neighboring villages do not have deep bore wells and the water there is not good like this water. The minister of the church and the believers are so happy for this deep well. They have been praying for a bore well for the last one year. 


“I am so happy today that our dream came true today. We had been waiting for a bore well for many years. I used to bring drinking water for my family from the cultivation field where I work. I sold my buffalo one year before because I was not able to look after it without water in our village. Many people like me sold their cattle’s in our village.  Now we have sufficient water and this bore well is very deep. Thank you so much for helping us.” – – Sukhdev

I am a widow and I have been suffering for water for many months here. One of my relative live nearby and I got to her house and drink water. They used to bring water from other places. Now I can take water from this tap any time and I am so thankful to you for helping me. Not only me but old women like me in this village will have good drinking water.” – – Neeli

I am a new believer from this village church. I came to the Lord 9 months before. On every prayer meetings our church used to pray for a bore well. Now the Lord heard our prayers and we have a deep bore well in our village. Many of us were carrying water from far distances and having much troubles for water. Already the neighbors and other village people used to thank us for bringing this bore well here. They all are so happy with us now.“- – Rekha Devi

I and my husband live in this village. My husband is a heart patient and sick very often. So I look after him but giving him clean water was the main issue I faced here. As I got knee pain I cannot walk too far. I used to give some money to the children who lives nearby to carry drinking water from other villages. It was always difficult to live here in this village without drinking water. We are so thankful to you for helping us with this water. This mean lot to us.” – – Bhanu




This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.