Project 2020-014

Well Project in Jalmana, India

Country India
Village Johana
Type Well
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $1,650

Funded August 2020

A well is needed in this heavily populated village. The current water source is a shallow bore well, which has been providing only disease-filled water.  After drinking the water people often get sick and sadly some children have died. People stopped drinking the water, except for household use such as laundry and watering their gardens, etc… For drinking water they go to other villages and carry drinking water home to their families. 

Jalmana Well Location


This well brings clean, consistent water to this village. This well will save lives! They will have safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and all household needs.  Now that they have their own water there is no need to leave their village, thus lessening the potential spread of COVID-19.

The villagers are so happy to have this deep well providing clean drinking water and abundant water for all of their household needs and gardens and animals. It was their dream for many years to have a deep well. Now they have clean and safe drinking water in their village. There is an established village church here. They are so happy to share the message of joy, happiness and salvation with other villagers through this well now as good will has deepened between the Christians and their neighbors.


We have been going through very difficult time with drinking water. My daughter is having kidney problem. Doctor told me to give her only the bottled water. We did not have that much money to buy the bottled the water for her every week. So I used to go and carry water in cans from our neighboring village.  Our water taste is changed to bitter water now. Now we are so happy that we have a deep water well now in our village. This water is better than the bottled water as it is very deep. Thank you for helping us.” – – Savitha

I am so happy today for this bore well here in our village. It was our dream for many years to have a clean water. I used to get stomach pain and fever often because of drinking the polluted water from our pipe. We have told our village leaders to make a bore well for us. Though they tried they could not get any funds from the government or any other places. This is a big help for all our people. We thank you for helping us.” – –  Janaki

My father work in the bricks factory and mother is sick. She is paralyzed. I have 2 sisters in my family. As I am the elder son I take care of the family like cooking, cleaning etc… Moreover I take care for my mother. Water was the main issue we faced. I used to go to the nearby village in my cycle and carry water from there for the family every day. Because of the family responsibility I could not attend the school and dropped out 3 years before. Now I am so happy to have a very good bore well in our village. It is just nearby my house and even my sisters can come and collect water from here. I am so happy today.”  — Roshan

It is very good water. Water comes in good speed and this bucket was filled very quickly. We are so happy.”  – – Nancy

“We are from Muslim background. We are not from this village. Our village is 3 kilo meters away from here. We do not have a bore well in our village. We have a small hand well but the water is not good for drinking it is polluted. So my friend told me today about this deep bore well. So we both came to see and collect water from here. This water is very good. I have already tasted it. We will come regularly and collect water from here. Thank you for helping us.” – –  Salman & Rasheeda


This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.