Project 2020-013

Well Project in Gohana, India

Country India
Village Gohana
Type Well
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $1,500

Funded August 2020

Gohana village is village located in Panipat district of Haryana state in North India. It is located 30 km away from the city.

There is very little development such as no proper roads, no educational institutions nor other facilities like a hospital. People work as farmers and laborers. In the village they had a bore well which they used for many years until one year ago when the water completely dried up and the well no longer produced. They tried to get a new bore well, but no one could help them. So, they suffer and go to the nearby villages for collecting the water and also get drinking water from their work places. Some people have left this village because of lack of water, but not everyone can just go.


Gohana Well Location

Project COMPLETED- 10/2020

This well brings clean, consistent water to this village. This well will save lives! They will have safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and all household needs.  Now that they have their own water there is no need to leave their village, thus lessening the potential spread of COVID-19.

Our partners have an established church and many new people are coming in these days. The well is an excellent platform to share the love of God to the people. During the inauguration many villagers came and thanked the church leaders and Christian believers in the village. Even some of the people who previously opposed them started to speak with them and thanked them. Praise God for these life changing testimonies.


“We had been suffering for water for many years. Specially the women and children suffered lot as we used to carry water from other villages. We used to keep that water for 3-5 in tanks and drink that water though that water is polluted. We did not have any other option. I am so happy today that this deep bore well is made in our own village. A new day for us.” – – Sukanya

I am from Sikh background. My husband is suffering from kidney diseases and the doctors told that he needs to go through the treatment and drink only bottled water. But we did not have money for buying the bottled water. Now this bore well will really help us to drink the good water.” – – Radha Kaur

“I am one of the village elders. I along with few other villagers  met some religious people and requested them for a bore well in our village. Even we approached some politicians. None of them helped us for all these years and we kept on suffering. Now you have really surprised us. Thank you so much. It is a big help for the entire village. We are so grateful to you all.” – – Sudheer Kumar

 I am a widow and suffering from heart diseases. My husband died 3 years before after that my situation became so bad. I used to work as house maid. Now as I am not well I work very little. Water was the big issue for me. My neighbor used to bring one bottle water every day for me for drinking. That was not at all sufficient but some how I manage. Today I am so happy that I can have sufficient water from this pipe any time. This pipe is very near to my house. Thank you so much for helping me.” – – Kavitha:

 We are so happy today as we have good drinking water in our village. We never drank this much good water first time. All children are happy today here in our village. Thank you so much.” – –  Nirma & Komal

This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.