Project 2020-012

Well Project in Bir Bassi, India

Country India
Village Bir Bassi
Type Well
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $1,500
Status Complete

Funded August 13, 2020

Bir Bassi Colony is a rural village located in Kaithal district of Haryana state in North India . This village is mixture of all faiths including Hindu, Muslim and Sikh. There is some unrest in the area due to the clash of religious differences. Most in this area are poor and work as laborers.

In Bir Bassi Colony there are a few families that have private borewells on their property, but they do not allow the poor people to collect water. There is a public bore well in this village, but the water level decreased and the well no longer provides water.

A new deep borehole will be drilled to reach abundant water. This will help the villagers be able to stay close to home, reduce the amount of time they spending collecting water from other villages.

Bir Bassi

COMPLETED October 27, 2020



This well will bring clean, consistent water to this village. This well will save lives! They will have safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and all household needs.  Now that they have their own water there is no need to leave their village, thus lessening the potential spread of COVID-19!


I am a new believer here in this village. We had been having big trouble for drinking water. I used to walk 2 kilo meters every day to our neighboring village for collecting water. I have problem with my knees but still I used to walk and carry water for my family. All the ladies and children were suffering specially bringing water from far distances were not easy. I used to share my testimony with other people here in this village. But now I got a bigger platform to share about Gospel through this bore well. Thank you for helping us.”  – – Lalitha Kumari

I am so happy today to see this bore well near my house in our village. This water is very good and clean water. I just tasted it now. First time I drink this much good water because it comes from very deep. Even my husband along with others went to the local politician to help us with a bore well. Though they promised for many years but could not help us. But now you have made a big help in our village.” – – Rani

I am from a Muslim family here in this village. We had water problem for many years but because of the covid problem we did not have water in our house most often.  Because other villagers blocked their entrance and we could not go there to carry water. So my husband used to carry water from other places in small cans. But that was very little for my 6 member family. Now we are so happy that you came and helped us with this deep bore well. We are so grateful to you.” – – Zeenath Misri

“I am from a Muslim family here. We had been facing many challenges here specially for the drinking water. I along with others went and asked help from our religious leaders to help us with a bore well in our village but they did not help us. We never thought you can help us. But thank you so much for blessing us with this bore well.” – – Rasheed Misri

I am the member of this village church here. We all were praying for a bore well in our village especially for the last one year. Our villagers were really suffering for the drinking water. We thank God that the Lord has heard our prayers through you. Thank you for helping us with this deep bore well here. This is good platform for us to share about Jesus with others and show forth the love of God to them. Now all the villagers are so happy with us and they keep on coming and thanking us for helping the village with this bore well.” – – Raj Kishore

This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.