Project 2020-011

Well Project in Sukali, Malawi

Country Malawi
Village Sukali
Type Well
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status In Progress

Funded August 13, 2020

Sukali village is a poor, rural village in the Chikwawa State in Malawi. This village, along with three others, were determined to be in URGENT need of clean water. The water source for these villages is worse than “normal”. The water-borne diseases are at an all time high.

The village is in a hilly area and people get their drinking water from hand dug wells. The soil is stony and hard, and people depend on the seasonal river that runs from top to bottom as to where they dig around. Some of the people farm along the banks for vegetables, and use the banks for grazing so it is shared with animals and polluted with animal waste. The water is surface and very contaminated.

The people suffer from cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and bilharzia (schistosomiasis). 

In addition to the lack of clean water. This people in this area also suffer from what is called ‘the hunger season’ …when it’s dry they eventually run out of food.

Providing a well in this village would meet the huge need for clean water. The well will save  lives, the people will experience good health, they will not have to walk distances for water  that makes them sick. They will have safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry  and all household needs. They would have water for gardens to grow food near their homes.  Kids could go to school instead of spending the day fetching water. 

Sukali Village is between Nsangwe and Ngabu. Below is Nsangwe span to Ngabu as a near marker.


This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.