SIYANI, Malawi

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Siyani village is a poor, rural village in Nsanje State, Malawi, in the Southern region of the country. Farming God’s Way and God’s Love Groups (discipleship groups developed with FGW) are established and active in this village.

The village is undeveloped with no sewage system, no school, and no hospital clinic. The main water source is a seasonal stream/river. They dig hand-dug wells near the stream/river. The people drink this water, wash their clothes in this water, and use it for bathing.

Recently, they have suffered an epidemic of cholera. Six (6) people (4 children and 2 adults) have passed away, and, over the course of a week, five to ten people were taken to the far-away hospital. A FGW team visiting their fields witnessed this and helped get the people to the hospital. They helped with the sick instead of doing their FGW assignments. Twenty-seven people have been admitted to the hospital. All of them testified it was due to drinking and using dirty waters which they collect from some drainage points from the seasonal stream/river around their village.