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Phalula Village is successfully drilled! (May 2021) Below are a few photos. Hallelujah!

Phalula village is a poor, rural village in Thyolo State, Malawi, in the Southern region of the country. Farming God’s Way and God’s Love Groups (discipleship groups) are established and active in this village helping the people farm more efficiently for better yield and with an effective discipleship component.

The village is sprawling and there are 2 small seasonal rivers that pass through but they often dry up. The people get their daily drinking water from hand dug wells along these water paths.

There is only one school, but it’s located in a neighboring community. Children often can’t go to school because it’s too far and they have to fetch water for their families.  The people suffer from cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and bilharzia (schistosomiasis).