Project 2020-008

Well Project in Kwelani, Malawi

PartnerHeaven’s Family

Funded June 31, 2020 

Kwelani village is a rural village in the Thyolo State in the country of Malawi. This state is located in the southern region of the country.  This village (and others close by) have been identified as being in an URGENT need of clean water. The villagers currently get their water from hand dug wells sourced from dambo water.  This water is very salty, very discolored and found near swampy areas. These open water sources are shared with animals and polluted with animal waste.  The people suffer from cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and bilharzia (schistosomiasis). Due to the dambo water source the water-related diseases are WORSE than “normal.”

There is no well or borehole in the village so many (mostly children) spending hours collecting water.  Currently there is no school, no hospital clinic and no current sewage in the village.


The village is located 16.31.05 S, 34.57.00 E.

Update May 24, 2021

Kwelani Village is successfully drilled! Below are a few photos. So exciting!

Update August 18, 2021

Praise the Lord – a deep water well is completed in the village of Kwelani. The villagers are now receiving clean, sustainable water! 

Testimony from a Kwelani Villager: 

“I am very happy to see God’s greatnesses as He has heard our cry and brings salvation through by providing us with this clean waters from this new opened well. Previously, we were in great troubles, getting out from our homes before the day, going a long distance, fetching water which also has contributed terrible waterborne diseases. And we have witnessed many deaths because of diseases like cholera and opening bowels. I thank God that today our families are healed and our children will be going back to school on the time. That’s why I am pouring waters upon my head showing the signs of happiness and the appreciation. May the Lord bless you.”


This project was made possible though a generous donation from World Changers.