Garunkparu, Nigeria

dollars funded

people affected




The well for Gurunkparu is successfully drilled! The depth of the well was much deeper than expected. SO, instead of a hand-pump we provided an electric pump (powered by gas generator) and constructed a water storage tower. ILW funded the drilling of the well and HF provided the funds for the electric pump and water storage. The people are now drinking clean water, and soon the taps will be complete from the permanent water collection point. Water will be pumped for the people in the interim until the water storage is ready.

Previously, their water source was a seasonal river that is pond-like in appearance. They also fetched rainwater from the roof. During the dry season, they dug troughs by the river bank and collect the percolations for drinking and cooking. The polluted water caused much suffering from many water-related diseases.

Kids watching the clean water flow!

Concrete footings for the tower support for storage tanks.

Old, contaminated water source.