Nangumi, Malawi

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Nangumi 2 is a rural village in southern Malawi. The population, according to 2019 statistics is approximately 3,840 and this is from 318 families. I am giving these specifics because there is another village of Nangumi. Their water source is a seasonal river. They get the water a few ways. The photos show a hand-dug well they have cemented. The water it provides is basically surface water from the seasonal river, it is contaminated, often times it stinks and sometimes tastes like tree roots. The water comes slowly thus keeping the women and children for long hours in lines. Kids often miss school. The people come far to fetch this water, walking each way 30-90 minutes to reach this water source (2-4 miles). This village is sprawling due to dambos(salty seasonal swampy area) and valleys keeping homes spread apart…not an easy walk. Water is scarce during dry season. They find water from open, hand-dug wells, too. Water-related illness is common, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and bilharzia (schistosomiasis).