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In May, 2020 we funded a well project in Moukoulounou, Cameroon. Unfortunately many factors combined to prevent that project from being completed – mechanical failures, COVID-19 restrictions and illnesses, severe weather conditions, and others.  In March of 2022, the funds were reallocated to two well projects in Malawi.  This is the second of those two projects.


Chimthuli Village, in central Thyolo, Malawi, is a rural under-developed village. The people collect water from one main source.  It is a large, open, hand-dug well.  The water is polluted, shared with animals, and used for both drinking and household use. The water they drink does cause fear among the people. They know it is causing them sickness and death, but they don’t have other options. They suffer from cholera, malaria, skin diseases.

Still, they work hard and many of the villagers members are doing great in their gardens through practicing Farming God’s Way. They have weekly Farming God’s Way and discipleship group meetings and trainings in their community. Providing a deep well would provide clean water for them to drink, greatly reduce illness, and supply enough water to irrigate their gardens.

Chimthuli Village, much like Henele Village, is in desperate need of clean water. Once the deep well is drilled, people shall have many benefits. First, they will not suffer any longer from the polluted water which is causing death and sickness. They will not have to spend so much time collecting water. Children who now go for water will be able to spend their time in school and studying, instead of spending so many hours a week fetching dirty water that makes them sick. The people will have water for all their household needs – drinking, cooking, bathing.  It will change their lives. They will have water for their gardens. Farming God’s Way biblically based food growing program is strong here, the people will have better access to water and better health to put more energy into growing food to eat and sell. Also, as FGW grows the discipleship groups grow and the kingdom of God is advanced. So exciting!


The well is complete at  Chimthuli Village, Malawi! The people are now enjoying clean water!
Previously, they drank water from a large hand-dug well which was shared with animals.  The people were fearful of drinking their water because they knew it was making them sick, but they had no other option.
Everyone is so thankful and grateful that there will be no more death from waterborne sicknesses – that this problem will be under control thanks to providing clean water to the community. Thank you for bringing healing through the provision of a deep well in their community.
The people of Chimthuli are sending love, prayers and appreciation for all you have done for them!

Chimthuli, Malawi – Striking water!

Testing the water pump

A message of thanksgiving on the day of the official opening of the well.

Containers lined up to receive water from the new well.

Gathered around the new well…so many to now
have clean drinking water!

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