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In May, 2020 we funded a well project in Moukoulounou, Cameroon. Unfortunately many factors combined to prevent that project from being completed – mechanical failures, COVID-19 restrictions and illnesses, severe weather conditions, and others.  In March of 2022, the funds were reallocated to two well projects in Malawi.  This is the first of those two projects.

Henele Village, population 3810, is in the eastern part of Thyolo District, Malawi.  This is an under-developed rural village. The community has no school, no hospital.  The people get water from a small river that is polluted,
shared with animals, and currently darker than normal due to the cyclone that hit the country a few months ago.

There is no drilled well anywhere nearby. The villagers collect the flowing water from the little shallow river (we’d call it a stream) for bathing, and get their drinking water from hand-dug wells around the river bank. Illnesses from drinking dirty water are common: cholera, malaria, skin disease.  A deep well will be a huge blessing in so many ways. 

Henele Village is in desperate need of clean water. Once the deep well is drilled, people shall have many benefits. First, people will not suffer any longer from the polluted water which is causing death and sickness. They will not have to spend so much time collecting water. There is no local school, and since the kids won’t have to spend hours of time daily fetching water they can instead go to school. It is a distance for them, but now they will be free to go to school. The people will have water for all their household needs – drinking, cooking, bathing. It will change their lives. They will have water for gardens. The people here are singing a song, hoping expectantly. it
reveals how we become the hands and feet of Jesus by showing His love by providing them with relief from their suffering. This video for Henele Village is roughly translated as their hope:

                                                          Soon and very soon Jesus is coming in our community
                                   to save us and heal us through the well which is coming soon in our community.


The well is complete at Henele Village, Malawi!  The people are now enjoying clean water!

Our ministry partner Charles says, “We are here to thank you and appreciating the wonderful job which is happening here in Malawi through your support. Communities are greatly transformed and the land is gaining divine healing.”

Everyone is celebrating and praising God because they now have access to clean, safe water to drink and for all their household uses. They now have clean water for drinking and for all household use. They are enjoying better health, saving money because they won’t need to often buy medicine for waterborne illness. They can use the water to water crops, and the moms and kids don’t have to go so far and spend long hours fetching dirty water that would make them sick.

The two drilling videos below show the joy of the people of Henele Village when the well was drilled. This village loves to sing and dance! …there is a little boy who jumps into the frame dancing.  Such excitement for them that I am sure will last and last.  You have made this possible for them!

Thank you so much for how you have changed their lives and saved lives, too!

All projects are made possible by World Changers.