Moukoulounou, Cameroon

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Moukoulounou is a very impoverished village situated along a dirty river in eastern Cameroon, bordering Congo. They are of the Bomwali tribe, a unique tribe of 9000, they live in villages along the banks of the Ngoko river. It’s very remote – they live in relative isolation. They were considered an unreached people group when our partners began ministering to them last year.

They are in urgent need of clean water – the muddy, contaminated river in the photos is their drinking water source. It is dangerous gathering this water as the river banks are steep and slippery. They live in constant, varying levels of sickness. Everyone, young and old, complains of itchy skin rashes and diarrhea. The children suffer from parasites. There is also cholera and typhoid. The nearest hospital is far away, requiring a boat ride, and it is very costly for the people to go there to get treated.