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Praise God! The well has been successfully drilled! The pumping test is complete, the water is clean to drink. Now just the pump needs fixed. The project was to be drilled in Nawoyapak, but the geologist report (a geologist travels with the drilling team) showed the depth for reaching strong water was 180- 200 meters Рtoo deep for a hand pump. The people were so sad and discouraged that the well was unsuccessful at their village, especially the women, they were crying.

After necessary agreement was made with the village leaders of Nubois a geologist report was done and they drilled on designated property for community use. They are being prepared for future maintenance, same as Nwoyapak was. The water is strong and clean. The people of Nubois – rejoicing, running, singing, praying how they have received a well in their village.

Nawoyapak Village (pronounced Na-wee-ah-puck) is located in Toposaland, South Sudan, close to its sister village, Nubois (pronounced Nu-boys). The members of these villages once relied on the rain for all of their water. The rains came in late spring and last through the late summer/fall and stop as winter sets in. There was no secondary water source near them, so when the pond dries, the villagers then walk 50 miles and camp their families at a place where rivers flow.