Project 2019-023

A well with an electric pump, and a 2,640-gallon storage tank in San Gabriel, Guatemala.


San Gabriel

Typea well with an electric pump, and a 2,640-gallon storage tank in
PartnerHeaven’s Family

San Gabriel is an extremely poor rural area in Guatemala. The property values are low because there is a garbage dump nearby. There is a government water supply to the area, however, the pumping system is extremely bad and broken. The water is contaminated and when it comes, it only comes at a trickle, with very low pressure and flow rate, so the people have only limited access to water. Currently, the water runs for 1/2 hour in the morning or it may not come at all. The people can fill up a container or fill up their washing sink and that will be all the water they have for the day. The government has no plans to change or correct the water delivery and quality problem here. As water is limited some of the people get water from a nearby shallow well. This water is also contaminated, but the people use it anyway. The people suffer from fever, dehydration, parasites and diarrhea.

A very much needed birthing center was established here which is fully operational and serving 50 women a week who are pregnant, having the baby, or who have had their baby. Additionally, a feeding program that runs three times a week for 150 kids suffering from malnutrition happens every week and will be supported by this project. Finally, a medical center is coming soon (under construction). This deep well, pump and storage tank will serve these things and the 900 residents of the community.

update november 2019

Finally, the drillers were able to schedule the project. The well has just been successfully drilled and it is a huge success! Everyone is thanking the Lord because the water crisis was so bad there.

The $6,000 project was made possible through the generosity of two World Changering couples.