Mullana Village, India and Narvana Village, India

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The well is completed in Mullana Village, India (Kaithal district in Haryana region, North India). This is an impoverished, rural village with not much development. People suffered every day due to the lack of safe drinking water. Previously, people were walking a few kilometers to fetch drinking water from neighboring villages. Dengue fever and cholera spread though the village often.

Even with these problems of daily suffering, there was much delay to get this well completed as fanatical religious opposition flared-up soon after we began the process to provide well. Society in India is driven by the caste-system and during the time of persecution of the Christians, a higher-caste family came to know the Lord. They were very helpful to bring lasting peace. Once everything was completely at peace, we proceeded and drilled a deep well to provide abundant clean water to meet the needs of the entire village.

Now, the villagers are rejoicing because of the deep well!