Govind Singh Mohalla Village and Koylatpur Village, India

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Both villages are located in the Haryana state, North India. People live in slums and work as laborers in this village and there is little development: no school, no hospital, no sewage system. Life is difficult for these impoverished people as many suffer from disease and lack of clean water to drink.

Some in Govind Mohalla Village do not have electricity. There is a 15-year-old government well in the community which, at some point, became contaminated. It has a bad smell and taste. Some villagers use this water while other villagers do not use it, carrying water home from the neighboring villages.

Most in Koylatpur Village belong to a low caste tribe called Chamar. Water comes from a government well that about 80-100 feet deep. This well was drilled about seven years ago when there was an irrigation department office nearby, but the irrigation department has since left the village.