Project 2019-021

Two Wells in Govind Singh Mohalla Village and Koylatpur Village, India

Country India

Govind Singh Mohalla Village and Koylatpur Village

Type Two Wells
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Completed!

Funded August 29, 2019

Govind Mohalla Village is a rural village located in Karnal region in Haryana state, North India. People live in slums and work as laborers in this village and there is little development: no school, no hospital, no sewage system. Life is difficult for these impoverished people as many suffer from disease and lack of clean water to drink. Some in the village do not have electricity. There is a 15-year-old government well in the community which, at some point, became contaminated. It has a bad smell and taste. Some villagers use this water while other villagers do not use it, carrying water home from the neighboring villages. People get sick from drinking the dirty water from this well. Common diseases and afflictions are cholera, dengue fever and diarrhea. The well which is being funded by this project is going to be much deeper, beyond the contamination due to the sewage issue and will provide a sustainable clean water source.

Koylatpur Village is in the Kaithal district in Haryana state, North India. It is a very rural, underdeveloped village, where basic needs are difficult to meet.  Many of the people work making bricks, but earn very little to support their families. Most here belong to a low caste tribe called Chamar. Water comes from a government well that about 80-100 feet deep. This well was drilled about seven years ago when there was an irrigation department office nearby, but the irrigation department has since left the village. There was a storage tank, but because the irrigation office left, it was no longer maintained and became non-functioning. Now, the tap is close to the ground for the well since it is no longer pumped to a storage tank for a more normal point of access. The villagers manage to collect water from a small pipe.  The water comes slowly in the morning and then recharges by evening and is not available all day. The water is contaminated with diseases such as cholera and viral fever being experienced; the people also suffer with skin diseases. Our well will be much deeper for a sustainable water source. The well will be free to all for community use.

 Completed February 17, 2020

Well #1:
Govind Singh Mohalla Village, India

 The well is completed in Govind Singh Mohalla Village, India. This is a rural village where people suffered every day due to the lack of safe drinking water. Previously, there was a government well, but the water dried-up in this well. The water was very polluted, but people still used it for drinking because that was all they had. After the bore well completely dried they were going far distances to neighboring villages to collect drinking water.

Now we have drilled a deep well to provide abundant clean water to meet the needs of the entire village. The villagers are rejoicing to see a deep well here in their poverty-stricken village. On the inauguration day of the new well, many women came to celebrate – so thankful for us bringing a well and clean water for their village. They kept saying how hard their lives were without good water in the village. You have changed their lives! And, changed their health.

The believers of the village church are so thankful for the well and very excited to show the gift of the well as a platform to share their testimonies and love of Jesus with the villagers now. Thank you so much!


  1. Kantha Devi: We had been facing severe problem with the drinking water. I used to walk 3 kilometers every day just collect the drinking water from other village. I have knees problem and I used to get such a pain every day. Today I am so happy that this bore well is made just near my house. I am very much released from the tensions and problems now. Now we can have very good water every day. Thank you for helping us.
  2. Ravi Kumar: I am a believer in this church. When we started the village church many people opposed us. But now people became very friendly with us as we met their needs.
  3. Sundari: I think I am the happiest person today in this village. I have 4 children. My husband leave early in the morning and come home late in the night and he works in a cultivation field. With my small children I cannot go to other village for carrying water. We were struggling much. Today I so happy to see this bore well. The water comes with good force and it is very good water. Thank you for helping us.
  4. Pinky & Pyarii: Pinky : I am so happy that I can carry water now every day to school. This water is very good.  
  5. Pyari: The school water is not this much good. This is the best water I ever drank.
  6. Ramsri: I work as a labour and I have 3 small children. My wife is sick. Water was the biggest problem as our village does not have any drinking water. After coming from work I used to go to the other villages to collect the water for the family. Now I am so happy that we have water here.


Well #2:
Koylatpur Village, India

The well is completed in Koylatpur village in North India. Koylatpur village is a rural village. Mostly lower caste tribes, many of the people work in a nearby brick factory for very little income. The village is one of the poorest in the region – so life in this village is not at all easy. They do not have any health facility or school so many of the children are uneducated. They also suffered so much with sickness like cholera and dengue fever always spreading in the village as the water was so polluted. They tried to get a new well, but no one would help them. But, you helped them! Now there is a new deep well to provide abundant clean water for the village. They consider this water “the best water they have ever drank.” The church leader who began the mission work here is so thankful to God and to you for this well. Now people are so over-joyed to have safe drinking water and water for all of their household needs. Than you so much!


  1. Chanku Ram: I am the village elder of this village. When we had problem with the drinking water along with other leaders we have approached both the government and private people for their help for a bore well. We kept on visiting them for all these years but nothing happened. We were so frustrated. Now we are so thankful to you for fulfilling our dream for water. This is the best water I ever drank in my life This well is so deep.
  2. Deepak Lal: i am the missionary here in this village. When we started the ministry I realized this big need. When we started getting some believers from this village we had seen their suffering for the water. Praise God we could make a deep bore well here. It will help me having more believers to present the gospel message to the entire village through this bore well. This is a big help for us. Thank you.
  3. Rani: I used to get sickness all the time as our water was not good. My husband has kidney diseases and he go to hospital some time for the treatment. The doctors advised him to drink only bottled water. We do not have sufficient income to buy the bottled water all the time. Now this water is better than the bottled water. We are so happy to see this bore well here in our village.
  4. Savithri Devi: I along with other women in this village were suffering for the water. Even from other villages girls were not willing to come to our village for marriages because of the water problem. Our people were having much problems. Now you have solved all the problems. We are so happy now. Thank you so much.

  The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of A couple of World Changers.