Project 2019-021

Two Wells in Govind Singh Mohalla Village and Koylatpur Village, India

Country India

Govind Singh Mohalla Village and Koylatpur Village

Type Two Wells
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Funded

Funded August 29, 2019

Govind Mohalla Village is a rural village located in Karnal region in Haryana state, North India. People live in slums and work as laborers in this village and there is little development: no school, no hospital, no sewage system. Life is difficult for these impoverished people as many suffer from disease and lack of clean water to drink. Some in the village do not have electricity. There is a 15-year-old government well in the community which, at some point, became contaminated. It has a bad smell and taste. Some villagers use this water while other villagers do not use it, carrying water home from the neighboring villages. People get sick from drinking the dirty water from this well. Common diseases and afflictions are cholera, dengue fever and diarrhea. The well which is being funded by this project is going to be much deeper, beyond the contamination due to the sewage issue and will provide a sustainable clean water source.

Koylatpur Village is in the Kaithal district in Haryana state, North India. It is a very rural, underdeveloped village, where basic needs are difficult to meet.  Many of the people work making bricks, but earn very little to support their families. Most here belong to a low caste tribe called Chamar. Water comes from a government well that about 80-100 feet deep. This well was drilled about seven years ago when there was an irrigation department office nearby, but the irrigation department has since left the village. There was a storage tank, but because the irrigation office left, it was no longer maintained and became non-functioning. Now, the tap is close to the ground for the well since it is no longer pumped to a storage tank for a more normal point of access. The villagers manage to collect water from a small pipe.  The water comes slowly in the morning and then recharges by evening and is not available all day. The water is contaminated with diseases such as cholera and viral fever being experienced; the people also suffer with skin diseases. Our well will be much deeper for a sustainable water source. The well will be free to all for community use.

  The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of A couple of World Changers.