Project 2019-020

Pipeline Project in Northern Province of Rwanda

VillageKisaro area

Pipeline Project

PartnerWorld Vision

funded august 29, 2019

World Vision began working in Rwanda in 1994 to respond to the unprecedented chaos caused by the genocide which occurred there, where more than one million people died. As part of their overall involvement in Rwanda, World Vision hopes to bring an end to the water crisis for the entire country of Rwanda by 2022.

We are investing in a portion of this bold vision by funding a project to bring clean safe water to two villages in the Kisaro area in the Northern Province of Rwanda.  The lack of clean, safe water, combined with a lack of sanitation facilities and a poor understanding of the importance of good hygiene, are major factors contributing to extremely high rates of childhood disease and death in this area.  Kisaro is in one of the most remote and mountainous areas of the country. Due to the rugged terrain, the most effective way to provide access to clean water to those living in these two villages is through a pipeline project. This pipeline will provide four water access points to the people in these two villages in the Kisaro area.

Completed 2020

In the year 2019 to 2020, three Water Supply Systems (WSSs) were constructed namely; Museke WSS, Rwagihura WSS, Yaramba WSS including an extension of Kinishya WSS which collectively served 22,108 new people with access to safe drinking water and increased the proportion of the population with access to safe drinking water from 19,8% in 2016 (6,695 people) to 96,7% (32,697 people) today.

3 schools (Rwagihura GS, Rumuli GS & ECD Ruhinga) and one health facility (Rwagihura HP) were given access to clean water whereby 2,089 school children (1023 M & 1066 F) from those schools have direct access to safe drinking water at school and 2,694 patients who visited Rwagihura HP had access to safe drinking water.

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The $50,000 project was made possible through the generosity of General Donations Made by all of the World Changers who Support Ingomar Living Waters.