Kigunga Parish, Rukiri Sub-County, Ibanda District, Uganda

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Gravity Flow Water System

Ingomar Living Waters, you provided safe water to the Kigunga parish, changing the lives of over 5,700 people! Because of you, the water crisis has ended for the Njembe I, Njembe II, Kisensero, Nyakahita, Kabingo, and Rwobuhungye communities. They no longer need to rely on ponds for water that will only make them sick. Instead, they will be able to draw safe water from the 36 taps conveniently placed throughout the parish. Equipped with the training they need, the community members will be able to sustain this water source and use it to improve their health. Additionally, you empowered the local Church as, through your gift, the love of God poured out upon the residents of the parish, reminding them that God is concerned with every aspect of who they are. All of this was possible because of your generosity! Thank you for giving water, for life, in Jesus’ name to the Kigunga parish.