Project 2019-018

Well in AB6, Dominican Republic

CountryDominican Republic
PartnerDel Rey Ministries

funded august 29, 2019

AB6 (a nondescript name assigned to this village of workers by the owners of the sugar cane fields in which the villagers work) is a small sugar cane village in central Dominican Republic.    

They have no access to clean drinking water.  From 9 AM to 11 AM each day, they are “permitted” to collect water from a nearby watering trough used by cattle, which is contaminated with cow feces and other bacteria.  Currently, the only way to get potable water is to buy it, and most of these poor villagers don’t have the money to do so. Medical teams that serve this population in the Dominican Republic tell us that about 90% of the illnesses they treat are related to contaminated water.  With a clean water source, there will be a dramatic improvement in health, with children attending school more regularly and workers being able to work because they are not ill from contaminated water.

The plan is to drill a new well on a site to which the villagers have access, within 20 feet of an existing well that has not worked for 15 years. While the existing well is not functioning, it lies above a proven water source and a source of electricity exists there. It is expected that the new well will be drilled to a depth of 80-140 feet.  The well will include an electric pump and holding tank so that the entire village can have safe, clean water to drink.

The $3,000 for this well was made possible through the generosity of a couple, who are both World Changers.

Completed may 30, 2021

COVID has sure limited our [partner’s] communication!  Anyway, attached is a picture and a video of the well you put in batey AB6.  Each of the people speaking is showing their gratitude for the well.  It continues to function well and is a great blessing to the people there.

As an example, the woman in the yellow shirt said:  “We are very grateful for this gift to our village (AB6) – before, we had not clean water and now, this is a great blessing.  Thanks to God!”

The $3,000 for this well was made possible through the generosity of a couple, who are both World Changers.