La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras

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Water Filters

Although water is plentiful in Honduras and the drinking water is pumped into cisterns close to most home in this area, the water is contaminated with bacteria and parasites. It is not safe to drink and the resulting stomach and intestinal disesases are endemic throughout this part of the counrty. The illnesses result in missed school or work, thus lost wages or job loss.

With the COVID pandemic threatening world travel, the Honduras Hope Mission team decided to *not* travel to Honduras in February 2020 as initially planned.  If there’s a critical need for replacement of family water filters (each only lasts 2 years for a family of 4), those will be handled in-country.  Most of the ILW funding towards water filters will be held until the next visit planned for February 2021.  However, this visit too may be impacted by the COVID pandemic.

At this point, the generous $13,125 provided from the 2019 Wine to Water event, will roll forward along with some additional monies allocated to Honduras water filters in 2020 in order to provide additional water filters in Honduras in 2021 and beyond.  Therefore, we’re rolling funds forward and marking 2019 water filter donations as closed or completed.  Thank you again, so much for your generosity towards those in Honduras in need of clean water!