Kitandwe, Uganda

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Kitandwe Village is a rural community in Uganda. Water scarcity is a serious problem here as well as in several neighboring villages. In the fall of 2019, the well was completed! When the well was given to the people of Kitandwe Village, they thanked God, Ingomar Living Waters and Heaven’s Family for the gift of water to the community. It was a moment of joy when the locals witnessed the first “official” pumping of the first jerrycan and the well was ceremoniously “handed over” to them. 

The problems solved by this well are numerous. Previously, water scarcity was a serious problem and the people survived on stagnant swamp water which often dried-up. The lack of clean water was a serious health hazard to the people. Water related diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea, cholera and skin diseases like scabies were common. Water scarcity also adversely affected crop production and livestock.

Now, the villagers have clean, pure water to drink and to use for all of their household needs such as cooking, bathing, and laundry. They will be able to water their gardens and water their livestock with clean water. The health of the community will improve dramatically. They will save what money they earn by decreasing money spent on medicine. People will not have to go trekking further and further away to find water during the dry seasons.