Kyarujumba, Uganda

Dollars Funded

People Affected




Kyarujumba is a small village in western Uganda. They have a water hole nearby, pictured here, which is used by cattle and is polluted with human waste. Many of the villagers have contracted typhoid and Bilharzia from the water. The nearest borehole is 5 miles away and overused.

According to World Bank when a clean water source is introduced to an area such as Kyarujumba, the mortality rate of the village will be cut in half within three years. The village school children will be able to complete the water gathering tasks without losing classroom time. The health problems caused by the many water-borne diseases are considerably lessened, leading to long-term effects of better nutrition and greater mental development for the children and an increased opportunity for economic growth for the families with access to clean water. And we plan to couple the well project with education to teach maintenance of the well borehole as well as how to best control water-borne diseases.

You will find an interesting video about Kyarujumba by clicking “Learn More” below.