Project 2019-013

Well in Kyarujumba, Uganda


funded august 1, 2019

Kyarujumba is a small village in western Uganda. They have a water hole nearby which is used by cattle and is polluted with human waste. Many of the villagers have contracted typhoid and Bilharzia from the water. The nearest borehole is 5 miles away and overused.

According to World Bank when a clean water source is introduced to an area such as Kyarujumba, the mortality rate of the village will be cut in half within three years. The village school children will be able to complete the water gathering tasks without losing classroom time. The health problems caused by the many water-borne diseases are considerably lessened, leading to long-term effects of better nutrition and greater mental development for the children and an increased opportunity for economic growth for the families with access to clean water.

We have found that introducing a clean water source works best when it is coupled with education. This project includes the hiring of a health educator by our partner to come and teach the maintenance of the borehole, care of the environment around the borehole, how to control the water-borne diseases, latrines, other sanitation, etc.

You can view a video below about Kyarujumba here which will provide a real sense of the desperate situation faced by these people…which will soon be remedied due to YOUR generous donation.

Completed May 15, 2020

Because of rainy season in 2019 and then the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020, it took a long time for our team to re-enter Kyarujumba and report back after the well was completed in late 2019.  We’re sorry that for the delays in this report!

The good news is that people in Kyarujumba no longer have to walk 5 miles to the next-nearest well.  Because of the distance, most people fetched dirty water from a dam on a local creek.  Now they are already reporting a drop-off in diseases caused by that dirty water.  And the new well at Kyarujumba is already experiencing crowds at different times of day, just another testament to the need for it.

The people of Kyarujumba are very grateful for the well.  And it is because of WORLD CHANGERS who contributed the funds and our partner CEED who drilled the well that the people of Kyarujumba are rejoicing.  Thank you so much, WORLD CHANGERS!

This $4,500 project was made possible through the generosity of the collective funding of nine members of one family, all of whom are World Changers!