Malapa Village, Cameroon

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Malapa Village is a remote, impoverished community in the subdivision of Moloundou situated near a dirty river in East Cameroon. In addition to the villagers, many more people live spread-out in the surrounding forest. The East Region of Cameroon has very little industry, with its main commerce consisting of logging, timber, and mining. Instead, the bulk of its inhabitants are subsistence farmers.

The well project is complete at Malapa Village, Cameroon. This one took some time! The location is very remote, very far from the city with the last leg of the journey only accessible by boat. The logistical issues were challenging when the equipment and supplies needed to complete the well had to be brought by boat, but the difficulties were overcome and the people are now rejoicing with the new well! The people are overjoyed that they no longer have to go down to the river and collect water to drink which made them sick. They now have clean, abundant water near to them for drinking and for all of their household needs.