Saen-Ou-Dom, Laos

dollars funded

people affected



gravity feed pipe and cistern system

This project is complete. The community of Saen-Ou-Dom Village, Laos is now drinking clean, safe water.

The gravity feed cistern and piping system for Saen Ou Dom has been completed and the community is so happy now that clean water has come to their village. No longer do they have to trek up into the mountain if they want water, or drink it from the open streams after their other water source dried up. They are enjoying safe, clean water to drink and have water for all of their basic household needs – cooking, bathing, and laundry. The water is right there at the taps! The gift to bring water into the village was such a blessing. They were facing such a hard time, rain was really lacking this year and was causing extra suffering and strife. Instead of lacking water, this community has water for their families! It is because of your love, compassion, and financial support. Thank you so much for changing their lives. Praise the Lord!