Project 2019-011

Well in Saen-Ou-Dom Village, Laos

Country Laos
Village Saun-Ou-Dom
Type Gravity feed pipe and cistern system
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Funded

Funded 8/1/2019

Saen-Ou-Dom village is a rural village located in the hills of Xieng Ngern district of Laos. This village received a water connection with a few taps from the government in 2014, but the water source for the connection has since dried-up and now provides little water. Because there not nearly enough water for the people, the villagers argue, and sometimes physically fight, with one another. The taps are crowded with women and children with empty water containers waiting to get a share of a very small quantity of water.

Because the water source is dried-up, some people walk up into the mountain 1.3 miles for water. It is an hour to reach the mountain spring (which will serve as the water source for this project). The people get water for their families once a day, after they come back from working in their fields. They are only sending adults to get water thinking this is safer than sending the children as they often go in the evening for water.  Carrying water back from the mountain is difficult, so there is little extra water for bathing, which the people work who outside all day in fields desperately desire. There is also little water for laundry and other household use, as wells as for watering animals.

When the people are desperate, they collect water from the surface brooks nearby their fields and carry it home for their families to use. Drinking this water causes malaria and diarrhea, sending some to the hospital. 

This project will have a huge impact on the community. The people suffer from lack of accessible water. There is a clean water source, but it is an hour walk uphill to reach it and carrying heavy water jugs back home is difficult. When this project has been completed, it will bring the spring water to the people, and there will be abundant water for the community.

  The $6,000 project was made possible through the generosity of three World Changers.