Flamingo Village, Kenya

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people affected




Flamingo Village located in Nakuru County, Kenya is an impoverished rural village where farming/subsistence farming is the primary occupation. Besides the inhabitants of Flamingo Village, the people of Miti Mingi, a neighboring community, will also benefit from the well.

Many people suffered from dehydration, typhoid, cholera, and diarrhea. In the last six months there were three deaths caused by amoebic dysentery. This project will result in a deep well providing clean, fresh water for the people!

The well has been successfully drilled and the yield is very strong. However, there is a delay in final completion. The water test results came back with news that the water is high in fluoride and therefore must be filtered. The ministry is building a very large stone cistern in conjunction with the well project (not part of our project) to help supply the community better to have extra water supply on hand, which is great. We are in the process of getting quotes for the filter. The water is being used for other household uses besides drinking. The villagers are so excited and thankful!