Tehan Community, Myanmar

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Tehan Community in Kalay Township, Kalamyo, Myanmar is a large, impoverished slum-community where the people experience many daily hardships. Three tribes live in this area, Mizo, Falam, and Haka.

The people of Tahan, Myanmar are now enjoying clean, safe water from two wells! The people are so thankful for the gift of clean water, and are no longer drinking dirty water or walking long distances to a spring. The terrible water crisis being experienced by the people living in this slum area was unimaginable.  It is hard for us to understand the extreme suffering that occurs when a clean water sources does not exist.

The people are coming to get water from both of the wells for drinking, cooking and for all of their household needs. The health of the families using the water has immediately improved as they no longer are drinking the contaminated water from shallow wells that made them sick.