Padusa and Karan Basthi Villages, India

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Inhabitants of both villages lacked clean water to drink. Cholera, viral fever, and skin disease is a part of life. The primary users of the new wells will be Christians living in these villages, who often face persecution by others (Hinduism is the primary faith practiced in India). However, the wells will not be restricted to just Christians; all are welcome to enjoy fresh clean water.

In both villages, the old water sources were contaminated. There was no septic system because the wells they did have were not deep and were polluted with fecal matter. 

This project supplied two deep wells which are now providing abundant water for the people. They are enjoying clean, safe drinking water and water for all of their household needs. They also now have abundant water for livestock and gardens. This will allow for a healthier food diet. No longer will the people suffer from sickness due to drinking water polluted with sewage.