Kabonna Kura #2 Village, Ghana

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Kabonaa Kura #2 Village is in a very rural area of Ghana, without city water or electricity. Water is sourced from ponds and other stagnant sources where cattle and wildlife also drink. Women walk  3 miles to get water, and in the dry season, they have to walk as far as 4.5 miles, taking about four hours to get there and back. This well project will have dramatic impact on the community’s health, economy, and quality of life.

In late August the rains came just as the project was set to begin to drill.  It was put on hold until the rains ceased. Since the well site is located in a remote village it does not have paved roads leading to it. The fear is that the heavy trucks carrying the drilling rigs will get stuck in the mud. If those trucks get stuck they often have to sit in one spot for months until things dry out and it puts the drillers out of business.