Project 2019-005

Well in Kabonaa Kura #2 Village, Ghana

Country Ghana
Village Kabonaa Kura #2 Village
Type Well 
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Funded

funded may 14, 2019

Kabonaa Kura #2 Village is located in the Central Gonja district of the Savanna Region, Ghana. This village is located in a very rural area without city water or electricity. There is no school. The people are subsistence farmers and live-stock herders. The village numbers approximately 600 native villagers plus approximately 900 re-settled Fulani migrants who live scattered in the bush surrounding the village. 

Water is sourced from ponds and other stagnant water sources from which cattle and wildlife also drink. Women walk approximately 3 miles to get the water, but in the dry season as the sources shrink, they walk almost 4.5 miles. The task falls to the women and it is extremely hard for them to walk. It takes them about four hours to get water and get back home. 

Cholera is common here. The impoverished people here must spend money on medicine for water-related sickness which severely impacts their quality of life.

The project will have a great impact on the community. Health would dramatically improve. The time saved from hours spent looking for water will significantly change their lives. Moms will be able to spend more time with their families. There will be plenty of clean water for household tasks like bathing, cooking and laundry. People will have more time and easier access to water to tend to their farms, enabling them to grow more food to eat and sell. Money spent on medical bills will be saved and will go back into the economy of these impoverished rural people. 

Update November 12, 2019

In late August the rains came just as the project was set to begin to drill.  It was put on hold until the rains ceased. Since the well site is located in a remote village it does not have paved roads leading to it. The fear is that the heavy trucks carrying the drilling rigs will get stuck in the mud. If those trucks get stuck they often have to sit in one spot for months until things dry out and it puts the drillers out of business.

Update November 5, 2020

Sometimes, when working in difficult areas, things just don’t go right, leading to delays.  In 2019, this project was stalled by seasonal rains.  But the hydrologist survey identified a drilling location that was unsuccessful.  So we hired a new hydrologist and then COVID pandemic set in.  And then the rains came again.

We’re ready to redo a hydrology survey and drill as soon as we can get our heavy equipment into Kabonaa Kura in Ghana.

The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of one couple, her father, and a friend of her father, who are World Changers.