Thawale & Mthundu, Malawi

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A well was successfully drilled in Baluwa Village Malawi 4 months ago and now villagers from many surrounding villages are flocking to the Baluwa Village well to get clean fresh water. The demand is overwhelming and this general area of Malawi can easily use two additional wells, one well to the north and one well to the west, of Baluwa Village. This particular well will serve two communities to the west of Baluwa.

Thawale, which is approximately 4 miles away from Baluwa Village, has a population of 1,700. It takes more than an hour (one way) to get to the Baluwa Village well. The current water source for the villagers of Thawale is a well which was dug near a stream.

Mthundu, which is approximately 5 miles away from Baluwa Village, has a population of 3,500. These people walk a minimum of 90 or more minutes (one way) to reach Baluwa Village, starting their walk at 4:00 AM so that they can have the water first and be finished before 6:00AM, when the nearby villagers come to start drawing water at that well. 

In January 2019, a village meeting was called to announce that a new well was being dug in the area.  The news is out, and families in the area are excited for the coming source of fresh water!