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To alleviate this specific health problem, HHM, with funds provided by Ingomar Living Waters (Living Waters), distributed filters to 750 families, in 2017.  This past February, the group distributed an additional 200 filters to families in the newly visited town of Guanacaste.  Over the past 7 years Living Waters has purchased 2,192 Filters.

The impact has been dramatic.  Health workers, teachers and pastors in the various communities have noticed a significant improvement in the health of both adults and children Gastrointestinal illnesses have dramatically declined (up to 90%) because of use of the water filters.  Adults are missing less work and children are missing less school.  Families have learned to take bottled water from their home filters to work and school.  As an aside, schools and churches in the areas the group visits are also provided filters.

For only $25, each filter can be used by a family for up to two years!