Project 2018-008

a well with an electric pump, latrines, and a hand-washing station in Shan State, Myanmar

VillageShan State
TypeWell, electric pump, latrines and hand-washing station
PartnerHeaven’s Family

This project is for a well (with an electric pump) in a community in Shan State, Myanmar, near the border of Thailand.  A Safe House exists within the community for internally displaced families due to the continuing conflict between the military and rebel groups. Due to this ongoing conflict, the exact location of this project is undisclosed. The current government is not in control of the military, who still attack hated ethnic groups (who are non-Burmese). The current situation is much worsened, with ethnic cleansing being their goal.

The local community of approximately 450 will benefit from the well. Currently, the inhabitants go to the river about two miles away for their water. Those in the Safe House (about 50) will benefit from a well.  In addition, the scope of this project includes constructing latrines and hand washing stations which will improve the health and wellbeing of all immeasurably.

Update – November 16, 2018

The deep well (with electric pump), latrines and wash stations have been completed at the Safe House in Myanmar. There were some heavy rains that delayed the completion, but now the project is done. The local community of 450 is now benefiting from the well
and the incredible improvement in sanitation that comes with latrines and wash stations.

The photos below show you how the people are able to have a powerful flow of clean water to drink, cook with, bathe, do laundry, as well as other household uses. Thanks to you for being World Changers to bring the gift of clean water and sanitation to this very difficult and chaotic area of the world!

Update – January 18, 2019

There is still fighting in North East portion of Shan State and there are more than 80 families who are under shelters in Mai Tong. Two families came to the safe house and were taken care of during their stay of two months. They are now with relatives in La Shio. The people in the photos are our neighbors at Safe House and they don’t need to walk and draw the water from a river anymore. They now enjoy drinking pure water, much better water than the water from the river, in a location very close to the Safe House.

Thanks for helping provide clean water to people in a desperate situation!

The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of two World Changers who wish to remain anonymous.