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Sangpoi and Sitara Village are similarly sized villages (about 3,000 inhabitants each) located in northern India. They are poor village where people work as laborers in fields. There is only a primary school. If a child is to receive further education they travel long distances, and, therefore, many do not receive a higher education. There is neither a hospital or good medical clinic nearby.

At one time, a bore well was drilled in Sitara, but it is now dry. There has been no drinking water in this village for three years. The villagers tried to repair the well, but it was not successful. Women and children go for water, walking two to three miles or using carts or bicycles. Sangopi never had a clean water source. There is a very large pond, but it is very polluted and not suitable for drinking.

Now, thanks to your generous gift the deep well has been drilled and the water is flowing strong, clean, and pure! At the dedication of the well the children were so happy and they were drinking, playing and celebrating by splashing around the well.

Photo of Avni – “This is the first time I drink this much good water. I am so happy today. I will carry this water every day for my grandpa and grandma. They will be so happy.”