Project 2018-006

Well in Kambour, Cambodia

Country Cambodia
Village Kambour
Type Well
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Funded

Kambour Village, Cambodia (in the Oddar Meanchey Province) is a very impoverished, rural village in a remote area of northwestern Cambodia. There is little commerce besides farming here and many of the parents leave their children to find work in distant cities in Cambodia and Thailand. Sometimes they come home with money they earned, but sometimes they do not and if they do, it can be a very long time between visits. While the parents are away, the children stay with relatives in the village. A Children’s Center has been built that is working to care for these neglected children so they may learn about the Christianity, as well as life skills and hygiene, and receive an education to break the cycle of absent parenting. The children also are part of a feeding program as many are malnourished (rice is a common food item and rats are a common problem. Currently, there are 150 children in the program.

The current water source is a shallow well and two ponds that are close to the Children’s Center. The people suffer from various diseases. Typhoid, diarrhea, parasites and worms are quite common. They use well water, water from the small creek, and water from ponds to drink, cook with and for all other household needs but the water source is not clean.

This project is a deep well that would provide clean water to drink for the children who come daily to the Center as well as to the entire community.

The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of two World Changers who wish to remain anonymous.