La alDEa, mexico

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water cisterns

As of January 2019, everything is installed and clean water is flowing!

There are about 50 rescued children who live in La Aldea who have suffered from sex trafficking, abuse and abandonment. Their water situation was dire. The children and villagers used water from the neighbor’s spring, who charged them to use it. It was almost completely dried up and because of the shortage of pure clean water, they were using rain water (which is not always clean). They were washing clothes at a nearby stream and using stream water for household uses.

We funded and built two water cisterns: one for the public water and another to collect rainwater (not for drinking or cooking). The original plan was to install the lower cistern (for harvesting rainwater for crops and household use other than drinking water), but the plan was amended to install the rain collection tower over the other. There is now no risk of children accessing and potentially falling into the cistern that was to be placed in a low spot on the property.