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well, solar pump and storage tank

The well in Kibwezi was drilled in November 2018! It is located by the Philemon Youth Center, which is the first of its kind in Kenya. The Center is a rehabilitation facility where children who have experienced abandonment and chaos come and are taught Christian values and experience the love of God. They also learn vocational skills and how to function in society.

Kibwezi is located about 125 miles southeast of Nairobi in Kenya. Before the well was drilled, they community had to travel to the closest river about five-miles away for their water needs. The people suffered from water-born diseases such as typhoid and cholera. To make life more difficult, Kenya has been suffering from a drought, which made it near impossible to grow food when had to rely on the rain.

Now that the deep well is drilled the locals do not have to trek many miles to access river water, and they have begun to plant vegetables for use at the Philemon Youth Center. Currently the water has a salty taste. This is not an unusual issue with a newly dug borehole, and is being addressed and fixed.